Educational Tour to Nehru Science Centre
Conducted on: Feb 26, 2006Participants: Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan, Budhiram Biswal, Sriprasadh R, Nirmala Madam, Satish


The Project Child Talent Enhancement, which comes inside the perview of Child Education Programme, deals with the school going children of Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Dharavi Bus Depot, Mumbai. Educational and cultural events are conducted in weekeneds with an aim of attaining holistic development of students. The project started in Nov 2003.

The Event

An educational tour was arranged for Dharavi children. The plan was to take them to Nehru Planetorium and Nehru Science centre at Worli, Mumbai.

A mini bus was arranged for the travel. A group of 53 sclients of this project were taken to our office at Bhandup for lunch, sponsored by Hippu.

Then we travelled to Nehru Planetorium for the evening show on "Hide and Seek in sky". But since we did not do an advance booking, we found the quota of tickets filled.

We spent the initial half-an-hour in Nehru Museum which had sections on Nehru's writings, Indian Freedom Struggle, and India country profile.

As per our plan, then we moved with children to "Nehru Science Centre", where they enjoyed observing some importants principles of science. The first gallery was about Motion and Dynamics. The next gallery, was "Science for Children". This has experiments on 'touch and feel, 'comparison of cold and warm', 'reflecting mirrors', 'laughing mirror', and 'phenomenon of Kaleidoscope'. The third gallery was "Sound and Hearing", where we were exposed to 'virtual harp', floor piano, doppler effect and 'virtual reality'. The maximum delight for the children came next, the gallery "Prehistoric Animal Life", in which prehistoric creatures such as Ornithominus, Wooly Rhinoceros, Stagosaurus gave them visual feast. The last gallery visited was "Hall of Aerospace". This gallery exhibited history of flying experiments, principle of wind tunnel, and a tribute to "Ms. Kalpana Chawla". The sclients were then brought together and were left back at Dharavi.


1.    Such kind of an education tour need a whole day and hence we need to plan it accordingly well in advance.
2.    Entry tickets should be booked in advance wherever necessary.
3.    Sclients should be guided in a better way. They could be split into some sub-groups and each sub-group could be separately guided.
4.    We are in short of guides for such educational tours. Friends from corporates can be involved in the process.

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