Math ke Saath (With the Math)  [May 26, 2012] 
 Kick start of edu activity with construction workers’ kids  [Apr 27, 2012] 
 Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude  [Feb 11, 2012] 
 Team building event with teachers on Republic Day  [Jan 26, 2012] 
 Group Discussion Sessions with 10th std students of Dharavi  [Nov 5, 2011] 
 Communication Workshop for kids  [Oct 8, 2011] 
 Science quiz and science videos for School children  [Aug 20, 2011] 
 Science of Daily Life  [Jul 23, 2011] 
 Progress Report on Sarat Vegetable and Cash Crop Farming  [May 7, 2007] 
 Progress Report on Panvel Flood Rehabilitation project  [Sep 5, 2006] 
 Educational Tour to Nehru Science Centre  [Feb 26, 2006] 
 From Secretary's Desk - The Magic of Ownership  [Jul 12, 2005] 
 Visit to Tsunami affected areas of TN  [Jan 16, 2005] 

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Development is freedom.
Freedom from fear and insecurity,
Freedom from hunger and ignorance . . .
Yes, it is about you, me and all of us who have a common aspiration of seeing ourselves living in a world bereft of hunger and ignorance. We believe that resources are aplenty; it is just that, people are scarce, who are willing to deliver. We are here to deliver ...
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 New Branch opened at Bengaluru 
 Aswaniya Children and Youth Fest 2012 
 Website version 3.3 released! 
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