Photos - Aswaniya Child and Youth Talent Fests Project

 Children and Youth Fest 2012 [Apr 15, 2012]
Children and youth have gathered near the tent and registering themselves for the eventPeFSSED banner is being installedShot put throw was the first event in the morningThis event was meant for only 9th and 10th class studentsThis participant came out as firstThe registered participants have PeFSSED batches.
For the last year fest, we did not have shot put throwThe shot put was of five kilosContestants are getting ready for the MarathonMarathon was conducted in two groupsFor senior it was 3km and for juniors it was 2kmEvery round contestants participated in four number
A drawing/painting event was conducted for 4th to 7th class studentsThe topic of the drawing/painting event was 'nature and pollution'Two participants cum volunteersThe cycle race is about to beginLikewise last year, this event attracted good audienceThe spoon pebble game - is on the way
Students of 4th and 5th class participated in itSome important ladies of the villageEssay competition was held for students in three groupsThe topic for the junior level students was - 'My Teacher'The topic for the middle level students was - 'Environmental Pollution'The topics for the senior level students was - 'What is Science'.
There was a food break for the students - Bundi was served.Volleyball was another addition to this year's eventsThe event was played among senior level studentsVolleyball was followed by long jump8th to 10th class students participated in the eventThe volunteers have prepared a portion of the field fitting for the event
PeFSSED volunteers measuring a jumpThe song competition invited many participantsSome participants preferred Bhojpuri to Hindi songsIn some cases a group dance was accompanied with a group songThis dance correspond to a Bhojpuri popular beatThe dance competition attracted good deal of the crowd including the village women
This enthusiastic dancer gets a huge round of applauseIn the audience there were people of all agesIt was interesting to see many children do not have any kind of stage fearDance is synonymous to freedomThere was participation from a local English Medium SchoolSome participants preferred to dance in couple
A 10th class student participated in the danceThis participant was dressed up for the stage showGirls too participated equally in the dance competitionThis village boy, who is presently at Mumbai showed his dancing skillsThis dance was not part of the competitionThree participants volunteered to do this group dance.
The PeFSSED banner was prominently visibleThe village Pradhan came as an audience and contributed 1000 Rs for the occasionChildren attempted a skit on Dowry deathLikewise shot put and volleyball, skit was a new addition in this year's Fest.This girl came out first in the cycle raceHigh jump was the last event of the day
The event was meant for high school studentsJumping high is a different skill altogetherWow!!!Hop a little, jump a little - 1, 2, 3.The participants sharing their experienceJokes in the cracks of a speech
Children wait with anticipation for their well deserved accoladesThe usual village scene behind the stageThe village teacher handed over the prizesGeometry box was one of the most useful prize itemsChildren were gifted with some puzzle toys as wellPrizes were allotted as per the event and age group
A drawing event position holder getting awardedA participant of junior level is getting awardedSatish, the PeFSSED Associate, is discussing a point with the Chief GuestA child is awarded with a geometry box and tiffin boxAll prizes accompanied a certificate from PeFSSEDAn award winner is being applauded
Satish coordinated the event from end to endFor events like essay books were given as awardsThe girl is awarded for her excellence in cycle raceThis girl receives the prize for her performance in skitA boy is being cheered.An award winner is showing PeFSSED certificate
Happiness unboundThe group dancers were rewardedA dancer is getting awardedThe singers are getting awardedAcknowledging a talentA singing talent is getting rewarded
The chief guest sharing his thoughtsWe are the futureSome wanted to be photographed with PeFSSED banner
 Children and Youth Fest 2011 [Apr 15, 2011]
The children fest is underwayThe registration deskAnticipations, apprehensions - Children gathering for the dayA distant viewFull marathon participants prefeed to have a snap before the raceShoes, chappl or without - all ready to contest
The race beginsMarathon underwayA participant on the run as a volunteer watchesOnlookers - Passers by taking a glimpseA participant marching towards the end pointThe boy who won the coveted full marathon, and the two runners up
Around 300 students from the six nearby schools particiated in the eventsHalf marathon - competition beginsHalf marathon in progressFierce competitionA participant rushing into the finishing spotCycle race for girls begin
The race attracted a lot of audienceOne of the front runnersA participant giving her bestLong jump - a participant on the runwayA paricipant taking a plungeA participant about to complete the jump, volunteers with the measuring tape
A closer viewVolunteers having a breakDrawing event is onThere wereprticipation of both boys and gils in this eventMost of the participants came in their school uniformA winner in the drawing event
Some of the women audience; class teacher of PeFSSED education centre (Aswaniya) is also seenA kabaddi team waiting for the turnThe intensity of the game: full throttlePeFSSED volunteers: refereeing the gameAudience of all age enjoying the game of kabaddi. The loudspeaker is also seenThe gameof spoon and pebbles- one of the populr games of schooldays
The children fest had to have a break because of a patch of cyclonic rainRelay could not be conducted as rain water flooded in the fieldsA view from the place where children settledAfter the rain, followed the prizes distriution ceremonyA drawing event participant with her prizeA child with his certificate and a round of applause
A sports person being rewardedWe had books, dictionary, geomety-box, globe, tiffin-box, and different sports and mind game kits as pizesThe fest was possible for spirited effort of fifteen spirited volunteersA child displays his certificate and prize with prideA child with her prized possessionSatish (with white shirt) - PeFSSED member who lead the oganization of the Fest
Ex-vice(up)-pradhan hnding over a partiipant her prize and certificateAll the announcements during the events and pize ceremony are made in the mikeThe kabbdi team was awarded with a volleyball as a prizeThree PeFSSED volunteers - Abhimanyu, Sarvesh and Sunil - sharing a lighter momentCultural events followed the prize distributionA boy singing his heart out
A girl participant taking part in the cultural eventThe elderly members of the village enjoying as a boy peformsA girl child demonstrating her singing talentA song underwayMany children preferred to sing in the cultural eventA few preferred to shake their legs
This girl danced with lot of passion and energyAudience enjoying the cultural eventsCultural events continued till the advent of eveningEverybody wanted to hve a full view of the performersThe boy who both sang and dancedThe boy received a big round of applause during his peformance
The last paticipant of the dayA girl who could not collect her prize on fest day is later awarded in her school. She received the prize from her school teacher.One participant who had to return home because of the rain, receiving the prize from his teacher on the next dayA sports person being rewarded on the next day as he missed prize distribution on the Fest dayPeFSSED volunteers made sure all the award winners get their prize whosoever missed the prize distribution ceremony.
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